Who We Are

The Ivie & Wallace Wealth Plan

Everything in your financial life is connected and working together. Imagine a team advocate specializing in monitoring every financial move you make even before committing a single dollar. We change the focus from product to process that verifies the impact of every move you make inside your economic model resulting in an optimal position at every point in your financial life.

The Experts

Meet The Team


Manal Ivie

Manal’s career has spanned over a decade as one of the leader’s in the financial services industry. By utilizing a macroeconomic model that stress tests each client’s financial profile — client’s can now make verified decisions about their financial lives. Her expert counsel and advocacy has led many individuals, families and businesses into financial stability and confidence.


Jerry Wallace

Jerry has over 40 years of experience in client and collaborative work applications. He has spent the last 14 years focusing on expanding and deploying his knowledge of the macro economic model procedures.