The Promise for your financial future.

When you need feedback about your financial decisions that are strategy tested, our clients are able to clearly visualize, protect and grow their entire financial life with Ivie and Wallace.

Your financial decisions will now be made in an organized and verified process. We implement the science by using a unique economic model which measures the ongoing wealth eroding factors in our fast-moving world.

We eliminate financial predictions and create financial stability, protection and opportunity because we utilize a rules-based approach.

We create protection strategies around your assets and income from financial losses due to unforeseen circumstances, market fluctuations and premature life events.

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The Ivie & Wallace Wealth Plan

A Proven Plan to Grow Your Wealth

We provide a strategy that implements all the parts of the financial picture so that each individual understands how their dollars are being invested and who is controlling those dollars. Are you ready to take back control of your finances and grow your wealth?

Who we are

Ivie & Wallace


Manal Ivie

Manal’s career has spanned over a decade as one of the leader’s in the financial services industry. By utilizing a macroeconomic model that stress tests each client’s financial profile — client’s can now make verified decisions about their financial lives. Her expert counsel and advocacy has led many individuals, families and businesses into financial stability and confidence.


Jerry Wallace

Jerry has over 40 years of experience in client and collaborative work applications. He has spent the last 14 years focusing on expanding and deploying his knowledge of the macro economic model procedures.

Glorious Money

Some of our literature is a great place to start. Our first book, “Glorious Money,” paints a clear picture of how our financial decisions are made in a disconnected fashion in our current financial planning world. It’s a great primer to become familiar with the importance of why we use a macroeconomic model at Ivie & Wallace.